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Food Drive

Food Donation in Udaipur

The world is experiencing unprecedented times. In urban India, the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has generated disruption and uncertainty for normal wage/salaried personnel. These low-wage workers face unclear obstacles in meeting their daily dietary needs. People living in poverty, as is often the case, suffer the most.

Destitute and elderly persons who live alone at home with few means to satisfy their basic needs. Your gift now will assist us in providing food to the most vulnerable individuals affected by the global coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic and the rising inflation.

What came first, hunger or illiteracy?
Let’s start with the problem in the first place

When we think of literacy in India, one of the very first things that come to mind is hunger. While many may deny the link between hunger and illiteracy, it is indisputable. To combat hunger and illiteracy, the Government of India implemented the mid-day meal plan, which feeds school-age children.

At Annapurna, we endeavor to include quality into the meal plan. We feel that it is critical for children as well as elderly to get nutritional and wholesome meals in addition to being fed. Both can better focus while studying and working if they eat well. And, with the promise of delicious meals, studying and working efficiency blooms.

Food donation in Udaipur to a good cause is simple and convenient. A unit payment of Rs 2100 would enable us to distribute around 101 meals per person. You have the option of ordering several units of 1,2,3, or more.

Food Donation in Udaipur

Annapurna Seva Sansthan - An Initiative For Poor & Needy

Food Donation in Udaipur

There are individuals who are truly the grain of the earth in every country, working for the purpose of working and not for the sake of notoriety or renown. They labour just for the sake of doing good. Others serve the needy and help mankind out for higher reasons because they believe in just doing good and love doing good.

We all say we want to change the world, but in fact, we have more degrees but less common sense, more information but less judgment, more experts but fewer answers.

‘Annapurna Seva Sansthan’ genuinely believes that one can change people and the environment and that it can begin with us, each of us, by reaching out to those in need, taking this opportunity to become more aware, taking a moment to truly reflect on the actual problems and consequences. Our ultimate objective is to have a moral worth to aid others. This has the potential to significantly alter the course of history. With this in mind, Annapurna volunteers are working tirelessly to making this world a better place to live and breathe.

Until now, Annapurna has received no government, corporate, or international finances or assistance, with just your small and valuable contributions magnifying our determination to transform the world. Annapurna Seva Sansthan is a CERTIFIED 80G & 12AA ORGANIZATION.

Our Responsibility Toward Food Safety & Availability

It is a nice thing to donate food to others, but it is much better to start saving food. A lot of food is wasted during weddings, celebrations, and other events. Aside from that, many individuals leave half-eaten meals at home or at restaurants, so imagine how much food is wasted each day. There are four fatalities every minute in the world as a result of hunger.

NO, the Annapurna Seva Sansthan is not suggesting or marketing that if you make us a donation, the foundation will offer food to all hungry people out there, but will surely try the best to help as many as possible by doing food donation in Udaipur.

We believe in raising and preserving awareness among all people and in society as a whole. They must accept responsibility for this…. We must first begin to store food all by ourselves, and then many things will change on their own. If people comprehend and are aware of the phrase “save food, save life,” no one will go to bed hungry in the world.

Make Tomorrow Meaningful:
Extend A Helping Hand!

Where Can You Save or Donate Food

Food Donation in Udaipur, Food distribution on Birthday in Udaipur

Food Distribution on Punyatithi

Even if you have family and friends to support you, the death anniversary of a loved one may be terribly lonely. The first death anniversary is always the most difficult to bear. Sharing your grief on death anniversaries with people who have suffered similar losses may be therapeutic.

On the death anniversary of a loved one, Annapurna Seva Sansthan can assist you in organising Food Distribution on Punyatithi.

Food Donation in Udaipur, Food Distribution on Anniversary in Udaipur

Food distribution on Birthday or Wedding

It’s difficult to get the amount just right when it comes to wedding or birthday cuisine. While under-ordering is always a worry, over-ordering is also a common occurrence at most events. Occasionally, visitors do not consume as much food as planned, especially if they have visited other events on the very same day.

Today, reputable groups collaborate with caterers and the families to route extra wedding food to people in need. So, Food distribution on Birthday or Wedding is quite easy now and you don’t need to worry about leftover food.

Food Donation in Udaipur, Food distribution on Punyatithi in Udaipur

Food Distribution on Anniversary or Other Similar Events

Be it any kind of anniversary (Wedding, Death, Work, etc.) gatherings and food events are permanent. We see a lot of food items in multiple varieties ordered to serve the invitees. Events like these usually are small but chances are that the food ordered can be leftover.

Instead of throwing away or giving it back to caterers, one can donate it to needy and hungry people so that at least one day they can sleep with a full stomach plus one will also get blessings for this humanitarian work.

Food Donation in Udaipur by Annapurna Seva Sansthan